Outage reported for Starlink over Ukraine

star link

Ukrainian forces have reported of outage of devices with the Starlink as the forces liberated some areas from Russian forces.

Starlink since the beginning of the Russian invasion has provided communication across Ukraine. when Russia cut off the internet lines in Ukraine. Connection with Starlink has been crucial for the military movements as well as planning any advances by Ukrainian forces.

Ukraine officials have claimed some of the Starlink devices stopped working for a few days and making it difficult to coordinate. One of the senior officials narrated that the blackout might be because Starlink would like to prevent the use of the technology by Russian forces.

Some of the pro-Ukrainians are putting direct blame on Elon Musk for intentionally shutting down the services to benefit Russia. However, Elon Musk has a different view in response. Elon Musk criticized Financial Times for bad reporting and claimed that $80 million were spent by Starlink to provide free service to Ukraine so far and by the end of this year this cost will reach $100 million.

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