Explosion on Crimea bridge on Putin’s birthday


Russian authorities have claimed that the bridge linking Crimea and Russia was hit by a major explosion causing partial damage to the bridge on Putin’s birthday.

Ukraine forces have been making advances by recapturing the Russian-annexed territories, there is a possibility of Ukraine taking advantage of the situation to hit a major blow to Russia.

The bridge linking Crimea and Russia has very strategic importance as daily tons of ammunition, material, and other important goods are transported to the only communication channel with Crimea. This bridge was inaugurated in 2018 by Putin himself when he drove a truck to make a symbolic statement of authority over the region.

After the explosion, the only possibility Russia has is to use ferries and ships to Crimea.

Ukraine supporters and notable personalities have expressed rejoicing over the major blow. Noticeably today is the Russian president’s birthday which is another important day to send a clear message of escalation. With this development, however, many analysts seem concerned about the further escalation in the region. It is yet to be seen how Russia has to respond to this.

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