Multiple Missile Strikes in Kyiv – Russia Ukraine War

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  • Ukraine’s capital was struck with various missiles on Monday
  • Putin claimed responsibility as a response to a ‘terrorist act’ by Ukraine

Kyiv was struck with various missiles that left at least 10 people dead and several injured. Kyiv strikes have been termed as a significant escalation of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Last week on Putin’s birthday, a highly important road bridge between Crimea and Russia. Moscow has blamed very clearly Ukraine for this explosion and termed it a ‘terrorist act’.

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The Crimea bridge and recent Kyiv strikes are the latest escalations in this conflict. Many analysts have feared the possibility of nuclear war. Even Elon Musk proposed a few options for a peace deal to end the conflict however was severally criticized by ultra-pro-Ukrainian supporters.

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Biden and Nato have strongly condemned the attack on downtown Kyiv.

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