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    • Housing Market has Begun to Fall

      Increasing interest rates and higher inventory levels indicate the housing market is falling. 80% of the US is about to be affected. There are a lot of factors that justify the decline of real estate, let’s look at those factors. Home Affordability is estimated to be the worst in the last 37 years. Fed increasing…

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    • PayPal in hot water over a policy that fines users for false information

      PayPal lands itself in hot water over introducing a new policy that lets PayPal deduct $2500 from a user’s account over spreading false information. New UAP (User Acceptable Policy) will be applicable from 03 November. PayPal intended to fight fake news, false information as well as hate speech through such restrictive measures. However, the policy…

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    • Explosion on Crimea bridge on Putin’s birthday

      Russian authorities have claimed that the bridge linking Crimea and Russia was hit by a major explosion causing partial damage to the bridge on Putin’s birthday. Ukraine forces have been making advances by recapturing the Russian-annexed territories, there is a possibility of Ukraine taking advantage of the situation to hit a major blow to Russia.…

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    • Outage reported for Starlink over Ukraine

      Ukrainian forces have reported of outage of devices with the Starlink as the forces liberated some areas from Russian forces. Starlink since the beginning of the Russian invasion has provided communication across Ukraine. when Russia cut off the internet lines in Ukraine. Connection with Starlink has been crucial for the military movements as well as…

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