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    • 5 Important things happened in China this week

      Apparently, the World has been focussing more on what is happening in Europe as well as Ukraine-Russia was, however, there are quite a few interesting things happening in China this week. 1) SocGen cuts exposureTo reduce counterparty risk in the country, $80 billion has been slashed by The French bank in China’s futures exchange. SocGen…

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    • $570 million worth of BNB stolen in a major crypto hack

      Binance has reported about $570 million worth of BNB stolen by hackers. Hackers targeted cross-chain linking bridge with Binance and managed to withdraw 2 million BNB. Earlier it was reported that the stolen amount could be worth $100 million, BNB however dropped this price to about 3%. Binance reported on an official blog suggesting that…

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    • Opec+ production cut could harm US-Saudi relations

      This week Opec+ has decided to cut oil production by 2 mln barrels per day. This is the second largest production cut after covid where due to reducing demand Opec+ countries decided to cut 10 mln barrels per day. Embed from Getty Images US Administration termed the decision ‘ short-sighted’. Earlier this year Biden visited…

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    • Elon Musk is being criticized for proposing peace deal

      Elon Musk is being criticized by a lot of Ukraine support after he posted on Twitter a poll suggesting a peace deal. President of Ukraine started a poll in response to Elon’s poll asking people which Elon do they support, the one who supports Ukraine or Russia. There are quite a few loud voices which…

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