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    • 7 Interesting Facts about Credit Suisse

      As Credit Suisse one of the largest Swiss bank made headlines this week by being on the brink of bankruptcy, you might be interested to know some very important facts about the bank itself 1) Founded in 1856 it was established in 1856 which makes it 166 years ago. Initially, it was founded to fund…

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    • Elon Musk Proposes to Buy Twitter again

      Elon Musk the famous tech billionaire has proposed to buy Twitter at the original price of $54.20 per share. Few credible sources reported that Elon despite having a conflict previously with Twitter has offered to buy Twitter again. Embed from Getty Images Previously Elon had backed out of the deal claiming that Twitter had misled…

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    • Common charging cable in EU from 2024

      European Union Parliament has approved a bill stating the use of common charging cable for all the portable devices. All the manufacturers of portable devices from 2024 onwards will have to produce USB-C cables to comply with this law. This law will cover small and medium size portable devices from hand held devices to laptops…

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    • Price of containers across pacific decreased dramatically

      Ocean carriers are canceling dozens of sailings on the world’s busiest routes. This is generally considered peak time for the cargo ships to transport goods. However, the decreasing demand in Europe and US due to rising prices have contributed significantly to these cancelling sailings. Price of shipping a container last year around the same time…

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