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    • World is on the brink of recession – UN

      UN recently published a report which states clear warning signs of world heading towards recession. Monetary policies in developed conuntries like US, UK and EU could further push the respective countries in a recession. In recent weeks US Fed has announced an interest hike. While the interest rates certainly help to counter the inflation but…

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    • Kim Kardashian charged for pumping Crypto

      Famous celebrity Kim Kardashian is being charged by US SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) for “unlawfully touting” a “crypto security”. She is accused of being in violation of rules of promoting a specific crypto asset in link with EthereumMax. She was paid for promoting that crypto asset and she sold it after the pump. Kim…

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    • Elon Musk proposes poll for Ukraine Russia Crisis

      Seems like tech billionaire found a solution for ongoing war. Elon Musk, Tesla founder has started a poll on twitter asking people to vote on the various options. With option of Peace deal, he has suggested to redo election in Donbas region which was recently annexed by Russia, Crimea to become formally part of Russia,…

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    • Twitter introduces TikTok style videos

      After the tremendous success ever lasting scroll videos introduced by TikTok, Twitter has recently announced in a blog post introduction of ‘immersive videos’. Essentially they are going to transform video player to be facebook style, once you are in full-screen video mode, scrolling up will continue the next videos. TikTok style vidoes have previously been…

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      Tiktok style videos on twitter
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