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    • How bad is the German Energy Crisis? – A different perspective

      A lot of people don’t really realize that Germany’s energy crisis is so bad it threatens the country’s future as a prosperous country. Let’s see how? Germany has a very well-established social welfare system and provides pretty generous subsidies for the arts and many such areas. A lot of money is spent on free education…

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      Germany energy crisis
    • Credit Suisse at the brink of Bankruptcy?

      $600 Billion: What Lehman Brothers held in assets when they crashed and took the economy with them. $2800 Billion: What Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank control in AUM. 4.6x more. Credit Suisse is at a ‘Critical Moment’ now, says the CEO. What lies in store for the world? The stocks of both banks have suffered…

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      credit suisse bankrupcy
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